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16 ways to style your Scraves

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  • Prints n Patterns

    Apr 10, 2014/ Comments (0)

    We always do get confuse between prints and patterns. Pattern is basically somethingrepetitive (can be printed on or woven in fabric) and a print is a design (geometric, abstrac ...

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  • From Solid Color to Melange Dyeing

    Apr 10, 2014/ Comments (2)

    Solid Dyeing is the process of accumulating color to textile products like fibers, yarns, and fabrics.Dyeing is typically done in a superior soluti ...

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  • Jacquard Monopoly!

    Apr 10, 2014/ Comments (0)

    Jacquard has constantly been treated as a festivestylemovement. The texture, gleam, pattern and colors squealsplendor, sophistication and panache! Conversely with the increasing ...

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  • That’s all about how you wear it!!

    Apr 10, 2014/ Comments (0)

    Conventionally, shawls are huge pieces of fabric women garb to beautify outfits and to provide light warmth. Shawls can be made from fabrics such as pashmina, fine wool, silk, w ...

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Savita Exports, an Export oriented company known for their quality and commitment. With most elaborative range of Shawl, Stoles and Scarves that they have to offer makes them one of the biggest wholesale suppliers to the domestic and export markets. They offer their Shawls, Stoles and Scarves in 100% authentic Pashmina, Cashmere, Wool, Silk, Modal and around 40 more blends. Catering to the largest markets in the world they have the biggest manufacturing platforms working to give finest of quality. The company is an overriding terminus for all the style cognizant folks who are in quest of stylishness with superiority and has quality-driven methodology, so therefore pay key attention to convoluted details of production.