2014-04-10 09:08:21

Conventionally, shawls are huge pieces of fabric women garb to beautify outfits and to provide light warmth. Shawls can be made from fabrics such as pashmina, fine wool, silk, wool, cotton, modal, viscose etc. Shawl Wrapsare chiefly used for warmth and only worn in cold climate, other times the shawl’s function is purelyornamental. These shawls are often made from thin fabrics like lace, modal or silk. Thesecan beswathed around the shoulders or upper body or as a neck scarf and even Head wrap too. Thin shawls can be worn as head wraps by women shawls to keep sun off the head in warm weather. Women with thick, twisted hair use head shawls to keep their hair up and away from the face. Shawls can be knotted or clipped in place with hairpins or hair bands.

Many women keep shawls in their purses or bags while traveling which can help them to stay comfortable with changing temperatures during travel and are also being used for yoga, meditationpurposes.

Prayer shawls are used in the Jewish and Christian traditions. In the Christian tradition the shawl is blessed in the name of a saint or deceased family member and then given to someone who is ill or in need of divine help. These shawls are a symbol of comfort and community support.

Decorative shawls can be used as wall hangings or for other decorative purposes around the home.

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