2014-04-10 09:08:44

Jacquard has constantly been treated as a festivestylemovement. The texture, gleam, pattern and colors squealsplendor, sophistication and panache! Conversely with the increasing use of embellished and printed designs around the year, jacquard took a backseat in the fashion setup, only to make a perceptiblewitticism in the Autumn/Winter 2014-15. Jacquard is a very rich and lavish fabric in itself and the more origination shown in this category in terms of design the more it will grow. Provisions of archetypal Jacquard designs and indomitable value of fabric is what SavitaExports.com stocks for their clienteles. The motifs for the jacquard shawlswere ideallyfloral,oriental and simple geometrics but it moved to abstract patterns in the last seasons. The jacquards we saw and developed were patterned in nature but as jacquards are re-emerging and re-inventing themselves in the industry this season, the motif designing has again gone back to the florals and intrinsic geometrics.The Jacquard Pashmina shawls had a very compassionate and placid feel and can be cast-off very well with both casual as well as evening wear.